Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great White Shark Cage Diving

January 27, 2013  

I have always wanted to be face to face (in a cage) with a Great White Shark. This morning I was able to fulfill that dream. We left Cape Town at 5:20 am for the 2 hr drive to Gansbaai where "Shark Alley" would be our cage diving spot. There were only 13 (Lucky 13) of us and usually there are at least 20 people per trip. Smaller groups allow more time in the freezing water. We wore wet suits but still very cold. When we first anchored a great white shark about 12-13 ft. started circling the boat. Our guide said that many times the sharks will leave after the cage is lowered in the water.

I quickly put on my wet suit as many were debating when to go in the cage. I was the first one in and then 4 others joined me. The Great White stayed with us for our 40 "cold" minutes in the cage. One of the deck hands kept throwing out a large fish head on a hook with a rope near the cage. The shark was interested in it but not really intent on eating it. The Great White would swim right in front of us and on two occasions it turned its head and looked directly at me at a distance no more than 1 foot away. 

The first picture, unfortunately, is not mine. Maybe one day.

Unfortunately I did not rent an underwater camera because I thought the videographer would have great footage but he didn't. But did get some nice pictures from top of the boat. 

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