Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hiking Table Mountain and Devil's Peak

January 28, 2013   Happy birthday to my son, Jon.

"The first step in the journey is to lose your way."  Galway Kinnel

 The plan was simple, catch a taxi to base of Table Mountain, hike up the gorge trail to top of Table Mountain (2hrs) and then cable car down and taxi back to Amber Tree.

But the "travel gods" have a sense of humor. I asked directions at the hostel because I do have a tendency to not pay close attention to signs and other paths while walking. All around the world I have ended up on animal paths which no human should be walking because they always seemed to get very narrow and very high.  

I found the path easily but while walking, enjoying the beauty of the scenery and while taking pictures I seem to have missed the turnoff and ended up at Devil's Peak. By the time I realized that I was a long way from my intended destination I decided to go ahead and finish this climb. I had gotten about 250 feet from the summit when I was no longer shielded by the 40-60 mph winds. These were not gusts , these were constant. I actually got pushed to the ground and got behind a rock and had to put on my fleece jacket. That is when I said close enough and headed back to find the original path.

Located it with no trouble but still had ANOTHER 2 hrs to hike in addition to the 2 hrs I had just completed. The scenery was spectacular but by no means easy. Straight up most of the time. Once on top I ate lunch and then went to the cable car. The line was long and when I found out it was $10 to go down, started walking by down the gorge. Walking down is always more painful because it is constantly pounding your knees. Finally made it and then tried to walk back the 1.5 hr to the hostel. I gave up at 45 minutes and hailed a taxi, but it only cost me $3 instead of the $6. I always say I have more time than money. 

Fantastic day.


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