Monday, April 22, 2013

Overall View of Overland Trucking

Putting up and down tents everyday is a pain but everyone helps. Breakfast is not great for me because it is usually cereal, especially if we are in a hurry. Sometimes beans and toast but that is an Aussie/English thing. You get close and have the ability to camp in the National Parks which is why we do these type of tours. $40-$50 a day is normally the cost for the cheapest Africa tours and involves transport, tents, and 2 meals a day. Most of these tours, at least in Africa, are UK based and lot of the people on here are from England or Australia. I had never heard of them before I researched my trip. Trips range anywhere from 7 days to 73 days depending on what you want to see and how many countries you want to visit. On this trip there are 2 Aussies (Simone and Amy), 1 guy from Finland (Heinrich), 1 guy from Canada (Gary), the driver from Zimababwae (JB), Mary and myself (US) and 4 girls and 1 guy from England. (Rose, Aly -guide-, Laura, Sarah, and David). So far it has been fun. Not exactly as I like to travel because there is no ability to change plans when u find somewhere u want to stay but good way to travel inexpensively in Africa.

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