Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hiking around Bwindi Backpackers

March 6, 2013

I did several hikes with my guide, Ivan, while staying at Bwindi Backpackers. The first was to visit the waterfall and 15 acre garden that Seith had purchased. Seith has planted all kinds of trees, including many fruit trees, throughout this garden. He also plants many crops to help make his lodge self sustainable. He also has nurseries of pine seedling to help the government replant where trees have been cut down and used for timber. It was a beautiful hike and after the waterfall we hiked up through a cattle ranch and into the village.

The second hike involved a boda boda (moto taxi) ride to the beginning of the hike to another mountain gorilla group. While we could only go so to the edge of the National Forest, it was a beautiful of the surrounding areas from on top of one of the mountains. Walked over 20 kilometers (13 miles) including all the way back to the lodge. Definitely getting back in shape. 

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