Sunday, January 20, 2013

Last day at Lake Bunyoni

March 1. 2013

Last full day at Lake Bunyonyi. Yesterday 2 Overland Trucks pulled up with about 40 new people for the lodge. Definitely interrupted the peace and solitude of the lake. I called yesterday to Bwindi Backpackers Lodge where I wanted to stay for the gorilla visit to the Virunga Mountains. He is based in Kbale nearby and showed up at the lodge today to visit with me. I arranged to be picked up, driven the 3-4 hrs to the lodge, stay in a dorm with all meals included for 5 nights and then transported to Kigali, Rwanda for $150. I am thinking that is pretty good deal since most lodges charge $50-$100 a night around this location. Not only that he said there is a good chance we may see gorillas from the lodge since his property is on the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. He then agree to upgrade me from the dorm to a private room. This lodge is very new and in its infant stage as a lodge. I was told about it from my new backpacker friend, Jake Stone, who I met in Kampala. Jake was one of the first ever people to stay there. Since the grounds are still being landscaped everyone gets to plant a tree there with a sign and if you return you stay for half price. (Only $5 a night instead of $10  lol)  Leave tomorrow at 3 pm. 

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