Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tofu, Mozambique

March 15th

I had planned on staying two nights in Maputo and then going to Tofu but then a group of 50 architects on holiday from South Africa arrived at the hostel. Quickly realized there would be little rest here. Asked if I could cancel my 2nd night and appy that to the shuttle/bus service to Tofu which is 7 hrs long. He said yes so up again early at 4:30 am for the 5 am departure to the bus station. Got a seat in the back of the bus on the last row and was surrounded by baggage. Luckily I visited the toilet right before we departed because our 1st toilet stop was 4.5 hrs later. A new personal best or worst, depending on your perspective, for me between bathroom breaks. In Central America you can always depend on at least a break every two hours. Finally arrived and then loaded into a minivan for last 30 minutes to the beach. We were dropped off at Fatima's in Tofu (same owner as Fatimas in Maputo) but though they were on the beach, they did not take Visa or have free internet. Decided to walk around and look as someone I met in Maputo told me about another place. I walked down the path and saw Liquid, a dive shop, my backpacker friend Bill had mentioned and I stopped there to find out about local accommodations. Cindy, one of the owners, asked if I was interested in diving and I said possibly. Told her what I was looking for in accommodations and price and she drove me to two great places. Mozambeats and Turtle Cove. Both had swimming pools, dorm beds for $11 but neither were on the beach. Turtle Cove's dorm only had two beds and the other was currently empty plus free wifi. Sold. Only 15 minute walk to the beach and I have a pool and free wifi. Easter is quickly approaching and may lose my spot then but will deal with that later.    


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